RTI Compressed Air Products

Why choose RTI

Patented "Inverse Flow™" Filter/Dryers

  • Cartridge-less water separation (95% of condensed water never sees media)
  • Superior water separation
  • Depth Filtration (Air penetrates 4" of filter media versus 1/8" of competitors)
  • Harsh Application Service (Worst contaminants in air stream never reach filter media. The balance only encounters bottom of media bed)

Tool-less Element Change

  • Easy clamp ring retainer for bowl removal Spin-on/Spin-off elements
  • Never need to remove unit from piping for service

Finer Filtration

  • Single/First Stage (1 Micron absolute vs 5-25 Micron nominal)
  • Coalescers (99.99998% at 0.01 Micron)
  • Desiccants (Built in 1 Micron final filter; top grade desiccant media with low dust emissions)

Custom Engineered Products

  • Not limited to "standard" products
  • If you do not see what your customer needs, ask us.
  • Usually we can design and/or build something that will exceed your needs and expectations.

Inverse Flow Technology

  1. Centrifugal Spinning - Bulk contamination (water, dirt, and oil) enter and are spun in a circular manner as the air flows vertically downward. This spinning action, which is naturally created by RTi's patented element design, foreces heavy particles outward where they contact the inside of the bowl and drain to the sump area.
  2. Inverse-FlowTM - RTi's patented Inverse-FlowTMprocess creates a condition where the air, which is spinning rapidly as it flows vertically downward, changes direction 180 degrees and begins to flow vertically upward. This porcess prevents the re-entrainment of contamination which normally occurs. Contamination, which is flowing vertically downward, is not capable of reversing direction and must seperate from the air flow, falling to the sump area at the bottom of the bowl. This seperation effectively pre-filters the air of bulk contaminants, thereby exteding the life of the RTi filter element.
  3. Stainless Steel Media: Filtration to 3 Micron - The first filter emdia which the pre-cleaned air enters is a deep bed of finely interwoven stainless steel mesh wires. These wired have an extremely striated outer surface and will hold small aerosols and liquid droplets which have survived the Inverse-Flow mechanical separation and centrifugal spinning processes. These small droplets will collect on the wire media, forming larger droplets which will fall into the drain area.
  4. Friction Drying and Fltered Air to 1 Micron - Consisting of a contton and polyester blend interwoven with stainless steel material, the final filter media captures sub-micron water droplets which have may passed through the stainless steel wire mesh and delivers filtered air to 1 micron absolute. The cotton holds these sub-micron water particles and allows them to re-enter the airstream as a harmless vapor.
  5. Spin off/ Spin On Elements - Easy element replacement without any tools.
  6. Automatic Float Drain - Drains purge, even under pressure, to eliminate contamination with a convenient hands-off operation. Manual and Electric Drains are also available.