WPT PTO Clutches Type 1

WPT PTO Clutches Type 1

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WPT Type 1 PTO is a straddle bearing design that provides the highest sideload capacities in the market today.  With sheaves positioned between the large spherical roller bearings, these PTOs are designed to achieve maximum sideload performance. The Type 1 PTO is offered in mechanical, hydraulic, or pneumatic actuation.

Some benefits of the WPT® Type 1 include: Potential for remote engagement, maintenance-free self-adjusting clutch, air or hydraulic actuation, heavy-duty gear tooth friction discs and easy drive belt removal.

The Type 1 PTO is intended for customers with the most demanding of applications. Typical drive belt tension capacity of these PTOs can range from two to four times that of the Type 2 PTO.

Gen II Type 1 PTO’s make it possible to house mechanical clutch packs. In addition, the sheave housing is designed with internal and external pilots, vastly improving the quality and ease of field repairs while increasing uptime.

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